Lions International

Presidential Newsletter

November 2020

Throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic and subsequent periods of lockdown Melksham Lions Club has been there to help those in need. 

Our meetings are very different communicating by email and Zoom and our fundraising is very difficult but as Lions we adapt and make the best of it.

For about six years we have been supporting the vulnerable homeless with bags of essential items to help them start to rebuild their lives, especially those who arrive at the temporary accommodation, just with the clothes they are wearing.  Whether they are in debt, have lost their house, had a fire, escaped domestic abuse or come out of prison, it doesn’t matter they need help and we try to provide it.

We have helped a couple of families with domestic appliances that were referred to us by Social Services.

We have offered our services to The Melksham Community Volunteers and more recently volunteered to assist with the Covid 19 vaccination programme.

As Christmas approaches we are hoping to get out with Santa and his reindeer.  It will be very different this year but we will try our best, especially as the Santa’s grottos will not be there this year.  More details later.

Finally, don’t forget the Message in a Bottle, these are available free of charge at pharmacies and the Feet First clinic or contact us directly, we have a plentiful supply.

Jim Whyborn

President, Melksham Lions Club